Instagram da Leitora: Honey, a bruxinha cor de abóbora do seu feed

Garantimos que as fotos da Honey são tão ~doces~ quanto o nome dela!

Se laranja é sua cor preferida, temos uma notícia para te dar: você acaba de conhecer o seu mais novo feed de Instagram preferido! Estamos falando sobre a Honey, uma ~bruxinha~ ruiva que coleciona fotos com pelo menos um detalhe laranjinha nelas – nem que seja apenas o cabelo dela.


Honey. (Reprodução/Reprodução)

Honey é uma artista que vive em Copenhagen, na Dinamarca. Além de seu Instagram dedicado ao laranjinha, ela também escreve em um blog, no qual costuma refletir sobre a mudança de estações, falar sobre as viagens que realiza, exibir as roupas do seu armário e escrever sobre saúde mental e como lidar com momentos difíceis. 

Em seu Instagram, Honey divide o feed entre fotos de suas roupas amarelas e laranjas, abóboras, girassóis, folhas, árvores e várias paisagens incríveis que ela cruza em suas muitas viagens.

“Cheguei à uma conclusão não tão chocante de que a grande maioria das minhas roupas favoritas é amarela. Eu amo muito amarelo, assim como laranja e marrom. Mas, decidi que vou fazer um esforço para adicionar um monte de cores novas ao meu guarda-roupa e começar a experimentar um pouco mais”, disse em uma legenda de foto.

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Last week I received a gift from a brand that I've admired for a very long time. Their aesthetic moves me and the dress that they gifted me is a dream come true. When I put it on I feel amazing, more confident and more like my true self than ever before. Putting it on was a little bit of a Cinderella moment for me to be honest. ✨It's made from the softest linen and it moves with my body. I couldn't stop twirling and dancing around and looking myself in the mirror, and when I finally wore it out last weekend I felt so happy and at ease with myself. This is a dress that transforms and be prepared to see me wearing it a lot. I've already packed it for Japan in my hand luggage so I can watch over it and keep it safe. ❤️ Thank you so so much @sondeflor for the beautiful gift and your kindness. It means more to me than you'll ever know. ❤️ . The dress is the classic dress with short sleeves in marigold. The color is amazing! Feel free to ask me any questions if you want to know more 😄 . . . #sondeflor #sondeflorclassicdress #sondeflordress #marigold #gingerhair #slowliving #linen #everydaypoetry #alittlebeautyeveryday #nothingisordinary #cinderellamoment #aquietstyle #autumnleaves #happyautumn #gingerhair #gingergirl #fallvibes #auburnhair #autumngirl #autumnhair #fallvibes🍁 #gingerlovers #gingerlove #redheadlove #redheadsdoitbetter💋 #redheaded #thatsdarling #quietinthewild #mysondeflor

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Mas, apesar de já ter conhecido muitos lugares diferentes, o cenário preferido de Honey parece continuar sendo na companhia de abóboras. Se tiver um chapéu de bruxinha, melhor ainda! “Se eu pudesse ter um título, eu seria a Rainha Abóbora. Qual seria o seu?”, ela pergunta aos seguidores em uma publicação. Confira algumas fotos do feed dela:


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So many of you ask me about my hair, so I have a little treat for you! On Friday I'll be going to get my hair dyed, and my amazing stylist @hair_creations_by_syrene has agreed to do a story with me so you can get some insider tips from a pro. I never home dye anymore, but my whole adult life I've been afraid of hairdressers after a bleaching incident when I was a teenager. It wasn't until I came across Syrene on Instagram that I dared sit in that chair again, and I haven't looked back since. Knowing my hair is in good capable hands is such an amazing feeling and I never have to worry about a wrong cut or ending up with a weird shade. This is completely unsponsored btw. I just really want others who've had bad hairdresser experiences to know what to look for in a good professional stylist who actually listens to your needs and understands them. So tune in to my stories Friday and see my hair get transformed into the ginger shade that I know is the real reason you all follow me 🙈 Tell me in the comments what questions you want me to ask her 🙌🙌 . . . #selfcare #haircare #hairinspo #beauty #hairdye #hairstylist #hairdresser #auburn #ginger #haircolor #hair #fallstyle #gingerhair #gingergirl #fallvibes #auburnhair #haircareroutine #autumn #hairdyeing #fallhaircolor #orange #autumnhair #fallvibes🍁 #gingerlovers #gingerlove #redheadlove #redheadsdoitbetter💋 #redheaded #redheadsrule #haircolour

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Today I am very happy so I want to share a happy picture with you all! I'm so glad that even the darkest days can turn into something loving and true. ❤️ When I was in school I used to hate Mondays, but now I see them as a fresh beginning of a new week and an unknown yet took be explored future. You never know what tomorrow brings and that includes Mondays. 😄 . This picture is from my happy day at the pumpkin patch doing my favorite thing – picking pumpkins and running around in my favorite overalls gifted from @lucyandyak. I'm obsessed with this green and have since bought green boots and I'm thinking about adding a green witch hat to my collection. Should I? . How do you change bad days to happy days? If you wake up feeling bad, can you save the day somehow? . . . #lucyandyak #kalegreen #green #greenwitch #greenwitchcraft #overalls #pumpkinpatch #pumpkinpicking #pumpkinpickin #pumpkinseason #happywitch #littlewitch #halloween #halloweentime #thatauthenticfeeling #thatautumnmagic #autumnmagic #pumpkinpicking #fallfestivities #halloweeniscoming #ilovehalloween #jackolantern #happyslowlife #livingmybestlife #botanicalcreativity_ #autumnoutfit #falloutfit

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Being in a place as vivid and fast as Tokyo, and especially Disneyland, makes it easy to forget the slow living life I usually enjoy. Taking the time for the little things, to appreciate colors and textures, the feeling of wind in my hair, crunchy leaves under my green boots and snuggling up in the cool air with a soft linen shawl. This one is new and is already very loved and is going to be with me for many many years. It drapes beautifully and I use it both as a shawl, scarf and hood. It was gifted to me from the lovely @sondeflor. I'm very very happy with it and really appreciate that you'd care enough to send me something so lovely. Thank you so much again @sondeflor! ❤️ . . . #ridinghood #slowliving #slowmoment #mutedtortie #frilandsmuseet @frilandsmuseet #gingerhair #slowliving #linen #everydaypoetry #alittlebeautyeveryday #nothingisordinary #cinderellamoment #aquietstyle #autumnleaves #happyautumn #gingerhair #gingergirl #auburnhair #autumngirl #autumnhair #fallvibes🍁 #gingerlovers #gingerlove #redheadlove #redheaded #thatsdarling #quietinthewild #mysondeflor

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I'm going to try a new thing, writing a little bit behind the scenes stuff. So here we go… . Behind the photo: I adore corn fields. I've written about this before so I won't bore you with it again, but I was excited to have found one where I could do a little impromptu photo shoot with Daryl. So, I walked in between the corn rows and just… Stood there. There was no corn left so I couldn't pick any. Randomly touching the leaves seemed stupid and fake. I tried looking up and down to get different angles of my outfit (see previous corn field photo), but none of it seemed real. I thought to myself, what would I really want to do here if it wasn't to get my picture taken, and then I realized that I just wanted to run the length of the row! I turned and started running and the leaves hit me smack in the face and I got another one in my mouth. My tights ripped when they caught on something thorny but I kept running and it was so much fun! Daryl was just like, what are you doing? But eventually he started taking some pictures and this one wasn't blurry so there you go. 😄 . Taking pictures for Instagram is super fun because I'm usually doing it with Daryl or my friends so we make it into an event and laugh a lot. But sometimes it can be difficult to get the right shot and still feel authentic and it's important to me to at least some of the time show some unscripted moments and this was one of them. 😄 . Let me know in the comments if you want more behind the scenes stories? ❤️ . . . #redhair #redhead #gingergirl #childrenofthecorn #cornfield #harvest #harvesttime #ootd #ootdfashion #dungarees #gingerhair #ginger #redheadsdoitbetter #wickerman #autumnishere #fallfashion #fallfoliage #sweetcorn #beret #redheadsofinstagram #theburrow #weasley #ginny #curlyhair #autumnmagic #runningwild #wildandfree #allkindsofmagic #nature_good #autumn🍁 #fallfashion #gingerhair

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Gostou do feed da Honey e quer ver mais? É só seguir a @wildnorthern!


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