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Influencer pede que seguidores editem foto para deixá-la “linda”. E aí…

...Lyndi Cohen chegou a conclusões tristes sobre padrões de beleza

Por Da Redação 23 set 2018, 10h00

Os retoques e as edições de imagem em programas como Photoshop e Facetune são muito comuns, né? Seja para suavizar manchas na pele ou afinar partes do corpo. Recentemente, a nutricionista Lyndi Cohen, que é influencer e ativista do body positivity, decidiu criar um experimento em suas redes sociais. Ela pediu aos seguidores que fizessem um “Photoshop para deixá-la linda” em algumas das suas fotos e as respostas que recebeu a surpreenderam.

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As you may have seen from my previous posts, I did a social experiment 😒 I asked a bunch of strangers to photoshop images of me. And without me asking, they all made me slimmer. They removed my birthmark from my shoulder. They even made my bone structure smaller. They created an image of what they thought was beautiful and healthy – and the result worries me. When all we see is photoshopped images of already slim people – it’s difficult to think of beauty or health as anything else. I tell you my friends… there’s nothing wrong with my bone structure or my birthmark or my stomach or my natural body shape. The problem is that every photo we see is photoshopped, causing us to question whether the girl in this picture, with the stomach rolls is actually healthy. My stomach rolls are not the problem. Our cultures obsession with the thin ideal and photoshop is.⚡️It’s no longer radical for magazines to include a photoshop free cover or shoot in their magazines. I’d love to live in a world where our media does more and where photoshop is the exception, not the rule. 💫 Comment below if a world without constant photoshop would help you feel more comfortable, healthy and confident in your already beautiful body. ❤️

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Em seu perfil, a mulher publicou uma série de vídeos que mostravam o antes e o depois das alterações. Embora não tenha especificado o que de fato gostaria de ter visto, em todas as fotos editadas Lyndi aparecia mais magra e sem aquelas características únicas que, infelizmente, algumas pessoas consideram “imperfeições”, como uma marca de nascença. E isso a preocupou…

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I’m not plus size. And I’m not model size. I am right in the middle size. ❤️ And I’m wonderfully healthy. I eat well, I exercise often. Yet – we never see bodies like mine, unphotoshopped, in the media. So we go through life thinking that healthy means we need to look a certain way… yet no matter how much you exercise or how little or well you eat – you never end up looking like your expected, you never look like the photoshopped images you see in health magazines or the curated, filtered and posed images on your highlights real. 😒 Happiness is expectations minus reality. So instead of constantly trying to chase a goal that doesn’t exist, I say we change our expectations so that we can finally learn to be happy with what a normal and healthy body can look like. 💕 P.s. see my last post as well 💕

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Em um post, ela escreveu que é o que acontece quando tudo o que vemos são imagens photoshopadas de indivíduos magros. “Não há nada de errado com meu corpo”, ressaltou. O problema, explicou, está na obsessão da nossa sociedade por um corpo magro e na facilidade que temos para esquecer que muitas das fotos que vemos passaram por edição.

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I did a social experiment 😒 I asked a bunch of strangers to photoshop images of me. And without me asking, they all made me slimmer. Seeing the before and after photos side by side, you can see how much has been changed. Ah, perspective 🙌. Problem is – in real life – you only ever see the ‘after’ photos. And it’s easy to forget that almost EVERY photo you see in the media is photoshopped. This conditions you to believe you’re never good, pretty or thin enough – so you literally waste your life lying in bed feeling guilty for eating more than you wanted and hating yourself on holidays because you can’t stand how you look in photos. We have to stop chasing a goal that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST. Question: What if you saw more normal, healthy bodies like mine in magazines or on tv or on social media? Would you find it easier to accept your body as it is? I definitely would. Here’s to making the world a better place so that the next generation can spend less time obsessing about food and yo-yo dieting and spend more time being truly healthy and happy within themselves. 💕

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Lyndi também destacou que os padrões de beleza estão longe da realidade e que cada pessoa deve exaltar seu corpo, mesmo com “falhas”. “Eu adoraria viver em um mundo onde nossa mídia faz mais e onde o Photoshop é a exceção, não a regra”, concluiu.

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